Christians Against Christian Nationalism


Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Statement from the Pastor

In this country, the church has a significant role of moral engagement, and we’ve largely forsaken it. But engagement does NOT mean entanglement. There is no greater threat to our country right now than White Christian Nationalism. It was on display in our nation’s Capitol in the insurrection on Jan. 6. Before these folks acted wrongly in the Capitol, they were taught wrongly in their churches. It was a bold expression of Christian nationalism- the conflation of nationalism and faith, American flags and crosses, in which giving to Caesar and giving to God is made easy because they’re seen as the same thing. No one can tell them apart. For some people in this country, this nation is a god. Their primary devotion is country. But that’s not patriotism; that’s nationalism. And to a worshipper of God, that’s idolatry.

Join our pastoral staff and many church members in signing this statement

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