2ND Thursdays at 2ND

Every Second Thursday of the month, at Second Baptist Church in downtown Little Rock, we will cater a luncheon and host a conversation about some public good or issue that matters.  These conversations will be educational, inspirational, and challenging.  We will discuss difficult issues with grace, fairness, and inclusion, with those who are leaders in their fields.

These lunches will be held from Noon – 1:15pm every second Thursday of the month, beginning March 14.  Lunch will be $10/person. Please RSVP by the 1st Thursday of the month. You may pay online through Easy Tithe and selecting Second Thursday Lunch from the dropdown menu. EasyTithe – Second Thursday Lunch  

Are you tired of the culture wars?  Are you concerned about the erosion of the public good and public institutions in this country?  Do you care about justice, equity, inclusion, and community?  Are you troubled by our public discourse but also seeking to resist despair?  Do you see a disconnect between the Christian faith and its public resonance in this city?  If so, these 2nd Thursday Lunches are for you.



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