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Second Downtown | Where Faith and Justice Meet


Second Baptist Church is a vibrant, historic, downtown Little Rock congregation.

Our faith compels us to seek justice, care for the oppressed, and pattern our lives after the way of Jesus. We are a unique Baptist church that prioritizes diversity and inclusion for all. We gather as a community of faith to worship, learn, grow, serve, and care for each other.

We are committed to a Christ-centric expression of faith.

We are committed to the study and wisdom of scripture and its power to shape our lives and world.

We are committed to gathering regularly for worship, formation, community, and service.

We are committed to the inclusion and affirmation of all people, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and mental ability, and nationality.

We are committed to our downtown presence and the flourishing of our city.


Second Baptist Church Downtown is located at the corner of Eighth St. and Cumberland St. in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The church also stands at the intersection of faith and justice, sacred and ordinary, historic and innovative, service and formation.

A downtown church with a regional reach, Second Baptist Church serves as a central gathering point for folks all over Little Rock and beyond who come together for community, worship, fellowship, and service.

The main entrance is on Eighth Street with free parking directly across the street.

Second Baptist Church

222 East 8th Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

pastoral Staff

Preston Clegg, Pastor

Described by others as “wise beyond his years,” and recognized as a justice-oriented leader, Preston uses his knowledge and experience to teach the ways of Jesus and lead the congregation toward a greater vision. He is a gifted preacher and avid reader who has a way with words. Raised on a farm in the Arkansas delta, Preston loves to embrace his roots–especially when it comes to the Razorbacks! An avid sports fan and family man, An Enneagram 9, Preston loves spending his free time with his two boys, playing sports, and cheering for his sons’ sports teams.

Suzanne Cain, Associate Pastor of Worship Arts

“Queen of the Music Mash-up,” Suzanne serves as 2BC’s primary worship leader and spiritual formation “guru.” Described by others as “spiritually deep,” she uses her diverse talents to call others to contemplation throughout the life of the church. Suzanne is characterized by her sense of humor, humble nature, and keen ability to identify and utilize other people’s gifts and is an Enneagram 9. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and spending time in creation; some of her favorite spots include Pinnacle Mountain and Lake Nixon Chapel.

Chris Ellis, Associate Pastor of Administration, Mission & Outreach

Chris is the guy you’ll meet at the door on Sunday mornings. With a voice that carries (you’ll hear him before you see him), this good humored, Enneagram 8, outreach minister will have you smiling and feeling right at home in no time. Known as the “Master of Multitasking,” he does outreach, administration, global missions, and so much more! You will rarely find Chris without a smile on his face and a hand to help. In his free time, this social butterfly enjoys spending time with others, hiking, camping with his family, and traveling the world!

Brittany Stillwell, Associate Pastor with Students & Families

Brittany gets to spend most of her time hanging out with the church’s youth but when she isn’t doing that, she’s overseeing the kids’ programming, updating the 2BC website, or creating engaging social media content. Embracing the mantra that life should be lived joyfully, this self-proclaimed “Minister of Fun” is an Enneagram 1 and loves to plan epic theme parties and has been known to dress up as a unicorn…on more than one occasion! True to her outgoing nature, she’s the first to get up and dance like no one is watching or to cheer others on, especially her students. In her free time, she can most often be found on her patio with her dog Luna and a good playlist in the background.

Andy Black, Lake Nixon Outdoor Center Executive Director

Described by others as deeply thoughtful, contemplative, and organized, Andy serves as Director of Lake Nixon. A former professor, Andy employs his past experience to oversee current programs and create new ones. Passionate about caring for creation, Andy LOVES Lake Nixon and will take every opportunity to put you to work out there! Andy is an Enneagram 4. In his free time, he enjoys trail building, coaching rec league soccer, learning to play the banjo, and listening to music.

Kevin Pranoto, LMSW, Associate Pastor of Social Work

As a licensed social worker, Kevin helps 2BC engage our downtown neighbors. You will often find him networking with Little Rock’s community organizations and connects our church family with various ministry opportunities. Raised in Houston, TX, Kevin is an avid baker and an intensely energetic indoor cycling instructor who will help you spin off all the calories he just fed you. Kevin is an Enneagram 6 and loves to watch the Great British Baking Show with his retired show dog, Romero.

Kasey Eller, Children's Ministry Associate

Kasey is known as “The Queen of Memes,” a lover of math, and a poignant storyteller. This former Little Rock School District Teacher of the Year uses her wit, passion, and excellent sense of humor to teach our elementary students (the City Kids). Kasey is the definition of a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students; she even gives Christmas gifts to the City Kids’ pets! She spends her free time watching sci-fi movies, playing games with her family, and looking for her next favorite brunch spot.

Randall Eller, Youth Ministry Associate

Described as a “2BC treasure,” Randall has used his mischievous sense of humor, leadership skills, and outgoing personality to serve the church in one capacity or another for what can only be described as “a very long time.” A magician by profession, Randall loves to entertain others and keep the youth on their toes. In return, they give him a healthy ribbing which he takes in stride because, after all, this Enneagram 8 is a big kid at heart!

Jessica Daniell, Preschool Ministry Associate

Described by others as passionate and gifted, Jessica, known as “Ms. Jessie” to her students, actually attended the 2BC preschool ministry herself! From former pupil to now teacher, Jessica uses her talents and outgoing personality to care for our youngest learners, RiverKids: infant – Kindergarten. Affectionately known as “the one with all the goldfish crackers,” Jessica, an Enneagram 9, divides her time between our preschoolers and serving as a Registered Behavioral Technician at Pediatrics Plus in Little Rock.

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