Ministerial Residency

Second Baptist Church- in Downtown Little Rock, AR- is a vibrant and historic CBF congregation in the heart of Arkansas’ Capital City.  We are looking for a seminary student to serve as our inaugural Ministerial Resident.  This person will also serve on Pastoral Staff as a Young Adult and Family Ministry Associate.
Please apply by sending a cover letter and resume to Preston Clegg by March 15th.  All applications will be considered.

Job Description


Explanation of Program

A ministerial residency program, based on the medical model, is designed to engage aspiring ministers in the “practice” of ministry while they are also learning about the theory of ministry. Ministerial residency is part of the formative educational process, and, to that end, the church will work in tandem with theological schools and seminaries to shape these students. Residency programs situate students in congregational settings of support, where they can use their gifts and graces in ministry, all under the supervision and guidance of supportive staff.

Our residency program is designed for active seminary students, working on their Masters of Divinity degrees online. Our program would be a 2 year commitment for each resident, with all due consideration to contingent factors.

Overview of Position

The Resident will be exposed to the full breadth of pastoral tasks at the church (preaching, teaching, pastoral care, administration, worship leadership, visioning, spiritual formation, etc….). They will also function as part time Young Adult and Family Ministry Associate. Therefore, they will be considered part-time Pastoral Staff. While this job description will guide every Resident, we intend to shape each Residency experience to the plans, goals, gifts, and aspirations of each particular Resident.


Residency Responsibilities

  • Participate in the overall life of the church
  • Lead worship in a variety of capacities including, but not limited to prayers, sermons, readings, liturgies, communion, and baptism. The Resident will also participate in worship planning regularly.
  • Because the Residency program is based on a model of practice and reflection, participate in regular “debriefs” with the Pastor and staff of 2BC.
  • On occasion, participate in pastoral tasks such as pastoral care, committee leadership, public gatherings, funerals, and weddings.

Young Adult/Family Ministry Associate Responsibilities

  • Serve as primary Ministers to the Young Adults of 2BC by teaching, coordinating small groups, planning fellowship events, and providing pastoral care.
  • Assist the Minister With Students and Families and Ministry Associates as needed.
  • Build relationships with college students and Lake Nixon employees during the summertime.

Pastoral Staff Responsibilities

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and other 2BC meetings when/where appropriate.
  • Help provide pastoral care to the congregation.
  • Reflect with the staff on “best practices” of ministry.

The Ministerial Resident is supervised by the Pastor and overseen by the Human Resources Committee. As a member of the Pastoral Staff, appropriate ethical and behavioral expectations apply. Furthermore, because the Resident will often be engaged in formal education, they are also responsible to their academic advisor and professors for academic obligations. While the hours of this position will ebb and flow with the ministry of the church, we expect it to average 15-20 hours/week.


The Ministerial Resident has an annual salary of $20,000, a $1,000 per month housing allowance, and expense accounts (mileage, library, and ministerial expenses).

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