Dale Carter, deacon at Second Baptist Church.

A reflection on Women in Ministry throughout time.


We will begin with the Bible. Genesis 1:26a and 1:27 (NRSV) Then God said, “Let us make humankind in Our image, according to Our likeness…So God created humankind in His image, in the image of God He created them;” male and female He created them.

Yes, we are all the same.

Some want to blame Paul for being anti-women. That is probably an incorrect interpretation, more likely cultural. Paul in Romans 16:1-2 sent his letter to the church in Rome with Phoebe. He trusted, a deacon already, to handle such an important task. There were other women in leadership positions working with Paul; Chloe in I Cor 1:11, Nympha in Col 4:15, Apphia in Philem 2, Euodia and Syntyche in Phil 4:2-3, and Junia in Rom 16:7. I think there are more than 100 women mentioned within the Bible.

What was life like for women in the time before Jesus and the early ministry of Jesus? Women were considered in every way inferior. Once again one can see this as a cultural practice. From the book of Matthew, we read the story of Mary Magdalene being the leader of other women sharing the news of the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus had come into this culture to change the role of women. They were supporters and traveled with Him. Also, Jesus taught women should be given equality. Since there were not any church buildings, the places for corporate worship were home churches. Key roles in these churches were led or held by women.

Let us now look at our culture today, not only within the church, also within all kinds of organizations. Women bring a different set of skills that did not exist prior to their being part of an organization. To combine different skills with different perspectives and innovative ideas will help in leading to better decision making. Adding these characteristics makes for diversity. Diversity in almost all organizations is a positive way of being more productive. Within a more diverse organization, the more likely creative ideas are going to be presented. Many of us have seen women demonstrate passion, enthusiasm and capability to take command of a situation.

Communication is said and known to be among a woman’s strongest skill. 

I have presented enough background information and leadership skills. Now I will try to share some of my experiences.

My mother was not only great, she was a good school teacher. Good school teachers are some of the best leaders. Besides my mother, I have a wife, daughter, granddaughter and sister. It does not get better than that. I have good leaders. Not accepting what our culture wants me to be is easy and being able to change is also easy.

At a very early age, I was a member of the church finance committee with two ladies. There are many churches that do not allow this to happen. A few years later, I was ordained as a deacon, a church with women as deacons. The situation is worse for many churches that do not allow women to be ordained. I say this to say I have not had much of a challenge. I have been in churches with female staff members, not allowed in others. I have female friends that are pastors. I applaud!

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