In this episode, Pastor Preston Clegg reflects on the last week of Jesus’ life. You can journey through the week by listening to each segment daily or by listening to it in its entirety. We hope this episode helps you to engage in this week in a meaningful way.

We hope you will journey through Holy Week with us. This episode is broken into daily 5-7 minute segments. Hit pause when the music starts and it will be there the next day when you return.

We also hope you will bring your Bible with you to this podcast. Below are the scripture readings for each day.

Palm Sunday: Mark 11:1-10 & Zechariah 9

Monday: Mark 11:12-33 

Tuesday: Mark 12:28-34

Wednesday: Mark 12:41-44

Maundy Thursday: John 13:1-17

Friday: Mark 15:1-47

Please join us for
Holy Week Worship

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