Summer of Compassion


Thank you for joining us for a Summer of Compassion. This isn’t how we anticipated VBS looking this year, but we are excited about the opportunity for families to engage in this meaningful summer together. 

Weekly Videos

Throughout the month of July on Sunday afternoons, we will release a 20-30 minute video for kids and families. Each video will include songs, a Bible Story, and instructions for a family project that can be completed together whenever you choose. 

Click here for Family Project instructions.

Click here for Week 2 Family Project instructions.

Click here for Week 3 Family Project instructions.


Click here for Week 4 Family Project instructions.

Yoga with Mrs. Suzanne

Each week we will release an additional video to actively engage your kids in showing compassion for themselves. 

Spotify Playlist

Click here for an epic playlist for your Summer of Compassion

Additional Resources

Daily Examen

The Daily Examen is a technique for prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence. Included below is a Daily Examen card. Consider using these at bedtime as a way to reflect on the day.

Week 1: Compassion helps us see and welcome.

Week 2: Compassion helps us be brave.

Week 3: Compassion helps us love ourselves.

Week 4: Compassion helps us be present with each other.

Coloring Sheets

Each week has a coloring sheet with questions for reflection. Throughout the week families will also work to color a Compassion Poster.

Coloring Poster

Week 1: Coloring Sheet

Week 2: Coloring Sheet

Week 3: Coloring Sheet

Week 4: Coloring Sheet


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