We had such a good time at our dine arounds in June! A huge thank you to everyone who hosted a group! July is coming and it’s time to shuffle and start again. In order to make sure we best accommodate every changing summer schedules, please fill out another dine around form to let us know when you are available and where you are willing to travel for a dine around. These dine arounds will meet with the same host/group at the same time of the week for three weeks in a row (the last 3 weeks of July). Again… please fill out this form–even if you did one at the beginning of the summer.

We are looking for more hosts in July. If you are willing to host in your home (you will provide the main dish and guests will bring sides–the church will reimburse the host for the cost of the main dish up to $50 a week) or in a restaurant (host is responsible for choosing and reserving the restaurant locations and guests will pay for their meals) please indicate that on your form as well. 

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