Racial Justice


Racial Justice

Second Baptist Downtown continues to work toward racial justice and inclusion much as it has for decades. 

The church’s long history of advocacy for racial justice is motivated by God’s love for all creation.

God’s love compels us to act and speak when the times reveal injustice and oppression.  

Today, we stand in solidarity with the cries of anguish and pain that echo through the centuries.  We believe racism is absolutely antithetical to the Christian faith and an abomination to God, who created all people in wondrous diversity, with each person bearing the image of God. We believe racism destroys the peace for which God longs for all creation. Racism demeans that which God exalts and exalts that which God demeans.

We call ourselves and all people of good will not to do the bare and carefully calculated minimum that keeps the peace, but the loving and liberating maximum that actually makes peace.

We are a church who calls ourselves, other faith leaders and faith communities, our elected leaders, economic and corporate leaders, our law enforcement officials, our criminal justice officials, our local and state legislators, and all people who care about peace and justice to higher and holier ground where each and all life is treasured and can flourish.

Second Baptist’s Convictions & Beliefs on Systematic Racism

  • Black History Month Resources

  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Resources

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