Our Calling

Our Calling

We feel as though our calling is to be God’s people at this time and place. We believe church should be a foretaste of the Kingdom of God and an outpost of Christian community and work. We try to live out this supreme calling by focusing on four more specific callings.


In worship, we seek to celebrate and exalt God as Lord of our lives. In doing so, we hope to align our lives with that confession. This celebration and exaltation often involves prayer, music, singing, silence, preaching, Scripture reading, reflective readings, responsive litanies, and giving. We seek to combine the riches of Christian tradition with creative material from contemporary culture. Learn More.


Discipleship is our lifelong journey towards becoming like Christ. This journey demands that we study the Scriptures, practice the spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, Sabbath-keeping, etc…), and listen to others, even those with whom we disagree. To foster this calling, 2BC provides Sunday School for all age groups, Wednesday night studies, small groups, and various seminars and retreats throughout the year. Learn More.


The Bible doesn’t just call us to believe the faith, but to act on it. In mission, we seek to share the faith we believe and to act on the good news we celebrate. We hope to help God love the world back into wholeness. Our work includes a literacy program at MLK Elementary in Little Rock, helping house the homeless through Family Promise, opportunities for worship, education, recreation, and sanctuary at the Lake Nixon Outdoor Center, providing school supplies for at risk children in Helena, AR, and working with AIDS orphans in South Africa. Learn More.


Each of these callings occurs in the plural. We worship together, pray together, learn together, love together, work together, and live together. We share each other’s pains and joys. While being a very diverse church, we are compelled to focus on the core of our faith which binds us together. We celebrate community over meals, in parties, and through lifelong friendships.

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