written by Julia Durango and illustrated by Bianca Diaz

a review by Ruth Hiblong (age 5) and mom, Allison Hiblong

Artistic review by Ruth Hiblong

“I’m a loving person. When I help people I am a loving person.” Ruth

The One Day House is based on an annual event held in LaSalle County, Illinois called Labor of Love. This event brings volunteers together to assist in repairing houses for people in the community. In this story, Wilson plans ways to fix his neighbor Gigi’s house. Then one day the community gets together to fix Gigi’s stairs and roof, as well as make a garden and more. The community depicted in this book is filled with people of different ages and backgrounds. You get to meet different professionals in the community who help with the house as well as help Wilson make his plans. I enjoyed reading this story with my daughter to show how a community can come together to help each other. She enjoys finding the differences between the house at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book. -Allison

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