by Kay Moore

In 2009 Herb and I were going through a really tough time with our business. We had a customer who was a Pentecostal preacher. He called himself a Bapticost. He was joking.

He called us EVERY DAY and prayed with us and many times he spoke in tongues. He ended our talk with, “Don’t let the devil take your joy!” Over that time we talked a lot about joy, scripturally and philosophically. He, his phone calls, and our talks were a blessing to me.

Several years later, at Christmas, we gave our older grandchildren a Joy Jar. We talked about joy, not happy, and I encouraged them to write on a piece of paper each time throughout the year they experienced joy. Then on January 1, they should read them and remember. This practice has brought joy to the front of my mind and I cherish looking back and remembering.

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