In this episode we talk with Ragan Sutterfield, an associate rector at Christ Church in Little Rock. We discuss our place in creation, reorienting ourselves as part of creation; not proprietors over but priests within. As Earth Day approaches, we hope this episode will lead you to think deeply about your role within God’s good world.

Ragan Sutterfield is a priest in the Episcopal Church and serves as an associate at Christ Church in Little Rock. His writing has appeared in a variety of places including The Christian Century, Sojourners, The Oxford American, Plough Online, and The Englewood Review of Books.  His most recent essays and interviews can be found through his newsletter “The Way We practice” ( 

Ragan’s interests are focused at the intersection of faith and ecology where he brings his background in birding, permaculture, and soil ecology into conversation with philosophy, theology, and the Christian spiritual tradition.  

Ragan is the author of Wendell Berry and the Given Life (Franciscan Media), This is My Body (Convergent/Random House), Cultivating Reality  (Cascade),  and the small collection of essays Farming as a Spiritual Discipline.  In a project funded by the Louisville Institute, Ragan is now at work on a book exploring humus and humility, soil science and Christian spirituality.

He seeks to live the good life with his wife Emily and daughters, Lily and Lucia.

Show Notes:

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