In Season 4 of “Because It Is” we dig deeper into our core values of faith and justice. This season we consider what faith has to do with justice, politics, social work, and more. Each month we will examine the intersection of faith and justice and reflect on how this affects the way we live. We hope you’ll join us for the conversation.

Today’s podcast is hosted by Kevin Pranoto and Brittany Stillwell. Kevin is the Associate Pastor of Social Work at Second Baptist-Downtown and Brittany is the Associate Pastor with Students & Families at 2BC.

Today’s podcast guest is Preston Clegg, Pastor of Second Baptist-Downtown. Preston is used to being the interviewer but in this episode he gets his turn on the other side of the interview table!

Today Vicki Haydon and Katie Mitchell join us to reflect on our interview with Preston. Vicki Haydon has been a member for around 60 years and Katie Mitchell has been a part of the 2BC family for a little over the year. They join us to share their unique perspectives and thoughts about faith and justice at 2BC.

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