At Second Baptist we value even our youngest learners and we need your help as we seek to show them love and care. We provide formative playtime during worship so that our youngest worshippers can worship in a way that is developmentally appropriate and so that their parents can have the opportunity to fully engage in worship as well.

Sign up to help engage our preschoolers and toddlers in play and formation by clicking the link below. On the day you sign up, you will be asked to help in either the preschool room or the toddler room, depending on the needs of the day. Both rooms are set up similarly, though our preschool room has more clearly defined learning centers. In each center you will find a learning goal posted on the wall with some wondering questions next to it. Your main role is to play and engage our youngest learners while keeping them safe and comforted. As they play, use the wondering questions to guide your engagement as you talk and play together.

Please plan to be in the preschool area by 10:15 am. Jessica will tell you which classroom she needs you in when you arrive.

Thanks again for loving our kids well. We hope this will be a meaningful experience for you and the kids!

Click here to sign up!

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