Jon Poteet, deacon & Sunday School teacher at Second Baptist.

A reflection on Women in Ministry at Second Baptist.

I have had the good fortune of being raised in Second Baptist Church so for me having women in leadership in the church was the norm. It really was not until going away to college and then Divinity School that I began to see how controversial that was, particularly in Baptist life. As a religious studies major in college there were only two females with the same major. During my seminary years I had two Baptist women friends who felt they had to change their denominational affiliation in order to be faithful to God’s call to ministry, our loss. I believe that the Holy Spirit gives all believers spiritual gifts to be used in the service of building up the church and the Kingdom of God. If we impede any of our sisters in the faith from the exercise of their gifts and talents, in my mind we are denying the work of the Spirit. Our responsibility is to encourage all followers of Christ to be all that God is calling and gifting them to be.

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