Throughout the season of Advent, we will spend time with the blessing below. Each week we will pause in our worship together to let these words wash over us. May we hear it in a new way each week. May the repetition aid form us in a new way. May these printed words aid in our own private meditations in between hearings. May we be all be transformed as we walk our way toward the Mystery of Christmas, summoning joy along the way.

When your weeping
has watered
the earth.

When the storm
has been long
and the night
and the season
of your sorrowing.

When you have seemed
an exile
from your life,
lost in the far country,
a long way from where
your comfort lies.

When the sound
of splintering
and fracture
haunts you.

When despair
attends you.

When lack.
When trouble.
When fear.
When pain.

When empty.
When lonely.
When too much
of what depletes you
and not enough
of what restores
and rests you.

Then let there be

Then let there be

Let there be
laughter in your mouth
and on your tongue
shouts of joy.

Let the seeds
soaked by tears
turn to grain,
to bread,
to feasting.

Let there be
coming home.

—copyright, Jan Richardson
from Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons

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