Advent 2020

Do Not Be Afraid

Advent 2020

Before Jesus is born, God shows up with an invitation to an adventure. Messengers come to Mary and Elizabeth with a strange greeting, “Do not fear!” I think the angels knew that this adventure would be full of uncertainty and even danger. There would be places along the way where they felt like they could not see. Our own adventure following Jesus often feels this way.

This Advent season we will explore what it looks like to hold hope when life feels really uncertain, to bring peace in the face of fear, to practice joy when everything seems burdensome, and to choose love when sometimes, it’s just really hard. 

We are excited to offer a variety of resources to help light the path for you and your kid(s) this advent season—tools to guide you on your family on your own Adventure as we prepare for the birth of Jesus.

Here you will find a variety of opportunities to “Choose Your Own ADVENTure.” ADVENTure’ers of all ages will have opportunities to engage in scripture, story, song, service and sabbath. (Adults, please don’t feel boxed in to your “age” group—you never know where you might discover good news!) You can come to the website daily and choose something for reflection or set aside time each week to engage in several activities as a family. You could use a family meal to light your Advent candle and use your Advent calendar each day or set aside time on the weekend for fun and worship together… the opportunities are endless and meant to be flexible to fit what works best for you. You get to choose your own ADVENTure! 

Regardless of how you choose to prepare, we are being summoned to an adventure. Christ’s birth calls us into the unknown, where lions lay down with lambs, where the lame can walk and the blind can see. Let’s spend time this season learning together how to cling to hope, peace, joy, and love even when the path seems scary.

Advent: Week 1


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