In this episode, we talk with Rabbi Eugene Levy about the Jewish American Experience. Rabbi Levy shares with us thoughts on Judaism in today’s culture. He shares what he wants others to understand about the Jewish faith and how that faith has shaped his perspective. We hope this episode creates a greater appreciation for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Rabbi Levy is from Little Rock, Arkansas, where he presently lives with his wife of almost 50 years, Bobby Waltzer Levy.  Rabbi Levy was educated at the University of Texas and Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was ordained in 1972.  Rabbi Levy has held many rabbinical positions in locations as diverse as Wisconsin, Louisiana, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and, finally, Arkansas.  He retired as Rabbi of Congregation B’nai Israel in Little Rock, Arkansas in October of 2011. 

Rabbi Levy has taught American History and Religious Studies at colleges and universities in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas, as well as serving on many boards and committees in those states.  He has served NFTY and TOFTY, the University of Arkansas Medical Center, Arkansas Interfaith Conference, Arkansas Interfaith Alliance, and the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network.  Rabbi Levy has written extensively and has been recognized in Arkansas for his contributions in Interfaith Service, U.S. Civil Rights, and humanitarian efforts.

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