Chris Ellis

2BC Family,

If you’re like me, you weren’t taught about Juneteenth growing up. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned about its importance in the history of America, and particularly in the Black community (though it should be important to EVERYONE). 

In 1865, federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas taking control of the state, and ensuring that all enslaved people were set free. Sadly, it occurred well over two years after the emancipation proclamation was issued – two more years of misery and slavery for many. Steve Williams, President of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation says that, “Juneteenth is a unifying holiday. It is the completion of the celebration of freedom in America.” It is a day that remembers the end of slavery and a day filled with joyous community and family gatherings. 

Over the past few years at 2BC, many of us have continually had our eyes opened with all the things we didn’t learn about in our history classes, but should have. Things that may have happened in the past, but that still impact what goes on in our world today and everyday. On Juneteenth (June 19th), we’re asking the 2BC family to celebrate Juneteenth. We’d like you to change your Facebook/Twitter/Everything else profile pic to the Juneteenth image as a way to celebrate and draw attention to Juneteenth and its importance yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

We’d also encourage you to participate in the variety of events and gatherings occurring to honor that day. Here are just a few:

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center Juneteenth Celebration 

Juneteenth Celebration PopUp Shop 

Step Afrika! Virtual Celebration 

BJC: Fierce Freedom with Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

 Finally, our hope is that we’ll also use this day as a way to recommit to the work ahead, so that all can be free.

 Grace and Peace,



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