Some of the most wonderful experiences in my life have occurred when I have given to and received friendly greetings  from others.

Early in my life I was extremely shy. I had a wrong estimate of myself and others. I have learned that being friendly leads us to include people into our lives. Being friendly is a low cost, high reward experience. However, when I was  younger I thought it was the opposite. Being friendly means that we recognize the value , the  importance of another.

When I see  people on the nearby walking trail, most people respond to a hello, because they want to be greeted.  Yet, some don’t, so I just shrug and move on. I have learned that being friendly is not as big a risk as I had thought. My not speaking to someone would have a greater cost than speaking to  someone and being rejected.

I have been blessed with tons of friends, simply by venturing out with an act of friendliness. I have learned that friendliness is fun!

Jesus had a mutually rich experience with the little tax collector, Zachaeus, when he acknowledged him up in the tree. What rich truths have emerged from this “by the way” connection.

Notice people ; give attention to them. It’s fun and has a high reward.

James Thomason

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