Village Family Meeting

Sunday, February 5 @ 9 am

Bring a breakfast item to share and join us as we discuss plans for the semester ahead.

What is the Village?

The Village is a large group of 2BC family that stretches in age from college and career to… well you get to decide when you no longer feel like a Village person. We are from a wide range of ages and stages of life but we come together to do life together through community, service, and formation.

How are we organized?

All large groups need a little extra help with organization to help them run smoothly, including the Village Class. Here is how we are organized:

The Family Ministry Team is a think tank that comes together every 6 weeks to brainstorm ideas for community, formation, and service within the Village Class. They also provide feedback to Brittany about preschool, children, and youth programming when necessary. We could use a few more members of the Family Ministry team. Please consider joining us!

How do we pay for stuff?

We also need some extra cash to help fund our community activities, service opportunities, and formation events. Would you consider donating to our class fund? Family Ministry Team co-chairs, Katie Walden & Kale Anderson oversee and approve the use of these funds and will be sure to make sure the Village Class is kept in the loop on where the funds are going and when.

You can donate by clicking here. Be sure to choose the Village Class drop down.

What is the point of this long page?

The Family Ministry team has come together to brainstorm opportunities for community, service and formation but we need your help. Join us on February 5 as we talk about opportunties for the months ahead. Give this document a look over before you come and be ready to sign up to help with the things that give you life. Recognizing that we don’t all make it to Sunday School, this document is also your access to the information that will be presented. You can sign up to help below.


Sunday School:

Each Sunday morning we meet for coffee and conversation at 9 am. Bible Study begins at 9:30 am. Right now we are splitting into 2 groups for Sunday School. One group is taught by Andy Black–“Whose Bible Is it Anyway” and the other group is a discussion based group led by Kale Anderson and the Mitchells-“The Orthodox Heretic.” We will join back together for one large class for Lent (beginning Feb. 26).

How you can help: Join us! If you get there first, feel free to make the coffee. Are you interested in teaching in our next rotation? Let Brittany know!

Life Groups at Lake Nixon:

Most Sunday evenings at 4:30 we have folks who gather at Lake Nixon for small groups. These group come together to share about their week and do life together. Childcare is provided.

How you can help: Join us! One of our small groups is in need of a new facilitator. If you are interested let Brittany or Andy know.

Lenten Small Groups:

The church will be offering a new rotation of studies and conversation groups during the season of Lent. They will run roughly between February 26-April 8. Stay tuned or a list of what will be offered and when.

How you can help: Would you like to host a small group? You get to decide the form your group will take place, what they will gather around, when, and where. Let Brittany know if you would like to start one for Lent.


Canvas Meals:

Once a month we will get together on a Sunday evening (during Life Groups) to cook a meal for our community. These meals will feed approx. 100 people on Wednesdays at Canvas Church downtown. Our job is to plan and prepare the meals. Canvas church will warm and serve them and 2BC will provide the funds. We will do this February-May.

How you can help: Menu planning, food purchasing, and cooking one Sunday night a month.

Foster Love:

Foster Love has a care closet in our church. This closet needs some love and attention as items are selected and donated. Foster Love could use our help with organization and opening the closet for families to “shop.”

How you can help: Help us think through when and how often we can realistically open the closet to guests and arrange times to organize and straighten the space.

Food Bank:

2BC’s very own member, Brian Burton, is the new CEO of the Arkansas Food Bank and they need our help volunteering.

How you can help: Help us think through what our commitment to volunteer at the Food Bank would look like and organize volunteer days for families.


Second Sunday Lunches:

We have saved the second Sunday of the month as a chance to eat together after worship. This is a very low-pressure, casual gathering that gives us a chance to catch up and get to know each other better. We try to pick family friendly options and everyone is welcome. Our next Second Sunday Lunch will be on March 12.

How you can help: Choose a restaurant, call ahead to let them know we are coming, or even coordinate a potluck in the Fellowship Hall.

Fat Tuesday:

Let’s get together to celebrate Fat (or Shrove) Tuesday with pancakes and fun! This fun event allows us to play and be silly together before the seriousness of Lent.

How you can help: Volunteer to help organize and coordinate this event. (I’m thinking make your own a pancakes station, bacon/sausage, and games…).

March Madness Bracket Challenge:

Let’s have a little friendly competition for both the men’s and women’s March Madness brackets. We could take a $5 entry fee and the winner gets to donate the pot to the 2BC Ministry of their choice or we could just have a silly prize for the winners.

How you can help: Set up the bracket, decide on the prize.

March Madness Watch Party/Game Night:

Let’s get together to watch one of the final games. We can gather in Second Place, eat good food, and play games while we watch.

How you can help: Choose the date/game, coordinate potluck food/drinks.

Intergenerational Date Night in the Fellowship Hall:

Let’s invite our senior adult friends for a special night of Fellowship. We could cater dinner, decide on some entertainment, and have time to get dressed up and enjoy a nice night with our church friends.

How you can help: This event doesn’t have much shape to it yet. It’s perfect for folks who like to take an opportunity and run with it. Pick a date, decide a theme/entertainment, work with the Journey & Connections classes… whatever you want to make it.

Village Family Meeting

Sign up to help with one of our many opportunities for community, service, and formation.

Please select the formation leadership opportunities that interest you.
Please select the service opportunities that you would be willing to help organize for the group.
Please select the community opportunities that you would be willing to help organize for the group.
What other ideas or suggestions do you have for the Family Ministry Team.
I would like to join the Family Ministry Team
This team meets on Zoom every 6 weeks to plan opportunities for community, service, and formation for the Village.

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