The Vineyard
Lois Davis & the 2BC Art Group, 2023
Mixed Media on Canvas, 11″x 15″
Little Rock, Arkansas

I’ve always felt this parable was unfair. How could the owner pay everyone  the same when they didn’t work the same? I was seeing only the worker’s side.
This time, God allowed me to look through the owner’s eyes. The worth of each person was exactly the same to him. If only one person had not worked, the harvest would not have been complete. The owner needed to whole crop harvested. This why he kept hiring more workers.

This  collage painting shows how many tiny pieces of paper grouped together can make one painting. Our 2BC artists colored pages for me to use in the painting. Each page looked very different. I took these pages and used bits and pieces to make a vineyard.

God sees us all equally worthy. It makes Him no difference whether we have always walked with him or just started. We are worthy of all his love.


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