Discipleship Academy

Discipleship Academy

Make plans to join one of our new Discipleship Academy options starting Wednesday, January 14 from 6:00-7:00pm. All four courses will be offered for a nine-week session.The first session will meet January 14 to March 11 and the second session from March 18 to May 13. That will give you an opportunity to experience two of these inspiring courses, one per session time frame.  Choose from the following:

January 14– March 11 


“Shaped By the World: The Power of Scripture in Spiritual Formation” 

Taught By: Kay Hardin 

In “Shaped By the Word” we: 1) learn to listen for the voice of God in the Bible, 2) move from informational reading to formational reading of the Bible, and 3) give up “control” over the text and allow God to lead our reading and understanding. Can the popular Western mindset of the cognitive-rational approach in reading Scripture erect barriers to our spiritual growth? Come find out.


“Exploring Prayer”

Taught By: Josh Brown 

This course will take a fresh look at an ancient practice in an effort to refresh, restore and reinforce this vital discipline for believers. Tim Keller’s new book, “Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God” will provide a good portion of the course’s content.

March 18– May 13


“When Helping Hurts” 

Taught By: Chris Ellis 

A multi-media eight-week study on understanding poverty and helping the poor in ways that help and don’t harm.  Come and think about how we can address core issues that cause poverty and how we might alleviate them, avoiding practices that do more harm than good.


“This is Your Life” 

Taught By: Ray Higgins 

This course will help you articulate your life story in the light of the biblical story.  Come and think about how your life intersects the grand narratives of Scripture and how you might share that story with others.

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