a Black History Month reflection by Brittany Stillwell

Our surroundings shape our perspective. We don’t know what we can’t see—what we won’t see. I have been reminded of this again and again throughout this Black History Month. All month long, we intentionally engaged in exercises that encouraged us to look beyond our own limited perspectives in hopes that what we practice will become our habit. Observing Black History month is not a way to ease our guilt, allowing us to go back to our white-centered perspectives the rest of the year. It is an annual launching point that holds us accountable for the work that is necessary day in and day out. We have an important history to relearn, perspectives to alter, and standards to redefine. The resources and thoughts shared throughout this month were by no means comprehensive or definitive but were meant to be a starting point for a life-long journey of relearning. This month we took big strides in expanding our horizons, and we are committed to continuing this expansion.

  • We will continue to add to our resource lists. Let us know who we missed—we’d love to add them. We hope these resources will be helpful as you continue to expand your perspective. 

  • Our Anti-Racism Little Free Library is available to anyone who would like to borrow a book. It is located in our Main Lobby, we welcome you to borrow one anytime our doors are open. We will continue adding to this library and would love to include your suggestions or donations. Also, if you read a book from our library and would like to submit a review, we are more than happy  to post it on our blog with our other reviews!

  • We will continue our advocacy work for racial justice issues—particularly during this season when voting rights continue to be challenged Our next voter registration drive is March 23 at 11:30 am at Cumberland Towers. Contact Chris Ellis to learn how you can help. Click here to learn more about our commitments to racial justice.

  • Our podcast continues to have conversations about faith, justice, and other topics related to an individual’s quality of life. Our next episode, where we will discuss Truth in Media, will drop on March 9.

At Second Baptist-Downtown Little Rock we are committed to this work year-round. Black History Month may be ending, but we have more work to do. Let’s keep up the eye-opening, perspective-shifting, good work!

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