LaTissle (Tish) Cummings-Stevenson is a woman on a mission. As the Director of Jericho Way Day Resource Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, Tish oversees the multifaceted day-to-day operations of this DePaul USA in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jericho Way/DePaul USA serves the Little Rock community by providing services to adults in need of housing, employment, medical services, or emergency services such as food, clothing, and hygiene (showers and laundry). Tish takes all of this in stride.

Tish and her family grew up in Louisiana with their mother, a Certified Nursing Assistant who visited clients throughout the state. Each Christmas, the children accompanied their mother as she delivered Christmas gifts to all her clients. Delivering gifts became joyful and Tish began to look forward to seeing how people appreciated her mother’s kindness. This giving spirit is at the heart of what drives Tish today.

Knowing that she wanted to help others, Tish attended Louisiana State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. She continued her education and earned a Master of Science in Counseling degree from LeTourneau University. Her first job was as a case manager in Louisiana. Tish stayed busy as she traveled to visit sixty clients in multiple cities. Still serving and meeting the needs of others, Tish began working with waiver services and Medicaid recipients. In this position, she worked with the elderly and assisted them in acquiring nursing services in their home.

Arkansas became home to Tish and her family when her husband transferred to Little Rock. After she and her family settled, she heard about a case manager position at Jericho Way/DePaul USA. She got the job in 2016 and has been there ever since then.

Since coming to Jericho Way/DePaul USA, Tish has held multiple positions – case manager, assistant director, and her current position as director. Tish’s philosophy is to keep clients encouraged and instill a vision within them. At Jericho Way/DePaul USA, she and her staff assist clients on multiple levels. Tish looks beyond the surface-level requests for assistance to unveil the deeper needs that may be the root cause of the problem that the person is experiencing. She knows that coming out of poverty is difficult, so looking at every need is imperative.

At Jericho Way/DePaul USA, unsheltered people receive respite care – a place of retreat away from the elements of the weather, two meals per day, a shower, laundry services, and help to find permanent shelter or housing. They also give bus passes. When clients find a place to live, Jericho Way/DePaul USA refers them to Settle Souls for help acquiring furniture. They provide clothing, blankets, referrals for utility bills, medical and mental health referrals, and help with resumes and job applications. To help further, employers come on-site for job fairs and the facility allows Alcoholics Anonymous to host meetings there. Jericho Way/DePaul USA is open Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 2:30 pm.

In the eight years that Tish has been at Jericho Way/DePaul USA, there have been challenges, but they did not stop her. As she moved up the ranks, she learned how to overcome obstacles and found ways to meet every need. After a recent ice storm, Tish demonstrated her commitment to helping others. She was not able to drive, so called her local fire department and asked if they could take her and her staff to work. Amazingly, they responded, picked all of them up, and took them home that evening. People were there waiting for their arrival. She knew that it was important for Jericho Way/DePaul USA to open that day.

Even though she faces challenges and insufficient resources, Tish knows that this is where she is meant to be. She is making a difference in people’s lives. When looking at Tish’s credentials, people often wonder why she works for a non-profit organization. To her, the answer is simple. She loves what she does. The success stories that she helps to create are worth far more than money. She is happy to continue this ride and is ready for whatever the future holds.

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