River Kids


We’re all in this together

Our goal is for every child under the care of our ministry to have a deep, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ that lasts with them through adulthood. We center our ministry on Deuteronomy 6:5, ”Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your Strength.” That is the desire of our hearts as well as the vision for our students as they become a part of a bigger legacy of faith.

River Kids is made up of infants through kindergarteners. Parents and children learn to trust each other as they navigate the wild river of the preschool years. Sometimes the water is calm and life is pure bliss. Other times the water is rapid and life is stressful. Through it all we teach our kids: God made me; God loves me; Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

All of these values are echoed through our teachings, events and programs — whether it be through Baby and Me choir or Bible study on Sunday mornings.

While what we do in the walls of the church is very important, we only have 40 hours a year to influence a child. That is why it is crucial that the church and home synchronize its efforts to best impact the faith of our sons and daughters. We help parents navigate as the primary spiritual influence with their preschooler in the river of life.

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