Online Giving

Giving online makes it easier for you to give and to give regularly!

Simply create an online account via Easy Tithe and start giving. You can also download the Easy Tithe app from your phone’s app store. Search for Second Baptist LR, and give!

  • Updated financials are communicated to the church in the weekly e-news. We’re happy to add you to the list, just let us know.

  • Our online giving uses industry standard protections. So yes, its safe!

  • Yes, there is a very minimal transaction fee that you will have the option of paying, but you certainly don’t have to.

  • Yes, everything given online makes its way to your record of giving.

  • We occasionally have designated accounts you can give towards. Use the dropdown box to see if there are any are presently available . If you wish to give to an account not present, you’ll need to write a check.

  • Yes, you can use either a credit or a debit card.

  • Yes, you always have the option to setup recurring payments.

  • Our Financial Secretary, Greg Daniels can help you.

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