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Anti-Racism Resources

Convictions & Beliefs about Anti-Racism

The deacons and staff have been studying and praying through a way for 2BC to speak a word of love, truth, and peace in this season of racial strife.

On Wednesday nights this fall, we are discussing a document approved by the deacons that addresses systemic racism and white supremacy, with specific resolutions toward anti-racist practices.

These conversations are happening in small groups and on Zoom among our 2BC family.

Each Wednesday night begins with Preston unpacking a segment of the document. (A video of this discussion is provided below.) Participants then have the opportunity to discuss in small groups.

You can join the conversation in one of three ways.

The Sanctuary

Led by Preston (limit of 30 people, masked and socially distanced)

Lake Nixon

Led by Andy Black (limit of 50 people, masked and socially distanced)


Led by Chris Ellis, click to join

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